1. Chapbook Awards Winners

    17 Dec 2022
    Our team has had the best time reading through all of the submissions for the 2022 Chapbook Awards. We laughed, we cried, we sat in awe of the amazing works that were submitted.   We are humbled and honored to announce the winners of our Perennial Chapbook Awards! We highly recommend…

  2. Chapbook Awards Longlist

    26 Aug 2022
    Our team has been honored to read through all of the submissions for our 2022 Chapbook Awards! There have been so many great zines and chapbooks published through the pandemic, and it is such a joy to read through everything that has been created over the past two years.  After…

  3. Perennial Chapbook Awards

    02 Jun 2022
    We want to honor the amazing work that creatives have been publishing throughout the pandemic. In order to do that, we are hosting the first ever Perennial Chapbook Awards.  The Perennial Chapbook Awards offer the opportunity to share your work with a larger audience and celebrate your creativity! We…

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