Chapbook Awards Winners

Our team has had the best time reading through all of the submissions for the 2022 Chapbook Awards. We laughed, we cried, we sat in awe of the amazing works that were submitted.  

We are humbled and honored to announce the winners of our Perennial Chapbook Awards! We highly recommend checking out these works. 

First place: 

• Cut Woman by Dena Igusti // Game Over Books

In a post-colonial world shaped by what is and what will be lost, what is there left to celebrate? In Dena Igusti’s debut collection Cut Woman, Igusti is overwhelmed by the loss of their people.


• Already Knew You Were Coming by Nnenna Loveth // Game Over Books

 Already Knew You Were Coming is a tender exploration of loneliness, queer identity, and codependence. This collection moves us across timelines and transports us to worlds where the moon talks back and banshees declare revolution with Bitterlemon and kola nut in hand. 

• The Water Cycle by Beth Gordon // Variant Literature

If time is an illusion then how do we transcribe the moments of a life? If memory is unreliable then how do we explain shared experiences that meet us at both the surface and bed of a lake? In her collection of prose poetry, Gordon does not attempt to answer these questions, rather she asks the reader to examine their own lives with these questions in mind.

Thank you to everyone who submitted, and let us know what you think of these chaps after you give them a read! 

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