Madi Giovina, editor

Madi writes stories and poetry. She has work published or forthcoming in Feels Zine, Second Chance Lit, Capsule Stories, and elsewhere. When not writing, she is probably browsing craigslist for plants and other home goods. She lives in Philadelphia with her partner & her feisty cat, Shrimp.

Tiffany Niles, editor

Tiffany recently obtained her AA in Creative Writing from Long Beach City College. She will be continuing her studies at the University of British Columbia for her BFA in 2020/2021. Tiffany has grown to love all aspects of the writing/publishing community and hopes to help other marginalized writers find their voices and tell their stories. Her story “Secret Admirer” was published in the Charmed Writers Flash Fiction Anthology in 2018; “Father and Son” was published through Perennial Press’ Super/Natural  anthology (2019), and her first CNF piece "All My Safe Spaces Are Dead" was published in July 2020 with The Nasiona

Instagram: @TifWrites

Kelly Rhone, social media manager

Kelly is an LA based writer/director/actor/singer who loves horror, hates white supremacy, and lives accordingly. An Iowa native, her short plays, "Fight With What You Got" and "Die Hard Is A Christmas Movie" have been performed virtually by her hometown community theatre. Her band, Honeypot, performed in a 2020 Eventures live digital event, Stream What Ya Mama Gave Ya!, to help raise money for COVID-19 Artist Relief; their debut EP "Phrasing" is available on Spotify. Kelly does an excellent job of procrastinating by spending way too much time on social media, and is happy to social media manage as an excuse to keep doing exactly that.' IG: @thefreshesthell Twitter: @kellyrhonesdead

Shyla Jones, designer

Shyla Jones is a Boston-based creative who enjoys writing, drawing, photography, reading, and collecting nostalgia. She currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Superfroot Magazine and is working on a novel. She has work published in perhappened, Daily Drunk Mag, The Aurora Journal, and more When not being creative, she is rewatching the same TV shows over and over, thrifting, or putting stickers on everything she owns. See her website for more:

Jess Golden, proofreader

Jess loves playing with language through her short stories, translations, and proofreading projects. She tends to move around a lot and currently lives in Los Angeles. Her writing has appeared in LunateBright FlashCotton Xenomorph, and elsewhere. 

Asya Wilson, reader

Asya is a Central Washington University professional and creative writing graduate with fiction and poetry published or forthcoming in 805 Lit + Art, The Nonconformist Magazine, Inkwell Journal, The Vital Sparks, and elsewhere. For Asya, writing has always been an enjoyable hobby, a therapeutic process, and a form of confession. She’s located in rainy Washington State.

Adesina Brown, reader 

Adesina Brown (they/them) is a queer writer from Los Angeles, California. Their first poetry collection "SOUND: Audible and Inaudible" is available on Gumroad. Their work has been featured in Exposition Review, Serendipity Literary Magazine, Rigorous Magazine, and Detour Ahead, as well as in the essay anthology "Postcolonial Star Wars." You can find out more about them and their work on their website: 

Jay Buchanan, reader

Jay Buchanan is a poet, performance theorist, and art historian from the mountains of North Carolina. His writing appears or is forthcoming in ASAP/J, Miranda, Otoliths, TesseraeDeathcap,   Local HoneyRava Vavàra, and elsewhere. He is Managing Director of Idiosynchrony, a podcast qua collective sonic artwork. Jay is queer and neuroatypical. He lives and works in St. Louis. 

Jaiden Dokken, reader

Jaiden is a writer, reader, stamp-carver, ceramicist, and highly persistent penpal. She carries a BA in Human Ecology from Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies. As co-owner of Two Hooligans Cider Company in Sequim, WA, she can often be found apple-picking and cider-sipping. Jaiden has work published in Fiction International: Vol. 53 Algorithm , Muses & Vices no. 1, and SpeakEasy 19

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