1. Holiday Gift Guide

    2020-12-16 19:04:00 UTC
    One of our main goals is to support creators & artists in each step of their journey!  Check out our holiday gift guide for independent makers to support this holiday season & beyond.  Need a gift for the music lover in your life? Che Zinfandel Art makes art inspired by…

  2. Review: Chainsaw Poems and Other Poems by Giacomo Pope

    2020-12-03 16:09:00 UTC
    Chainsaw Poems and Other Poems by Giacomo Pope brings a new and profound collection of both long and short poems, colliding into this body of work. Most would associate chainsaws with destructions but in Pope’s work,  chainsaws are associated with construction: construction of conversational visuals and the intentional…

  3. Staff Spotlight: Isalina Chow

    2020-11-24 18:24:32 UTC
    Our Spotlight series introduces you to the people behind Perennial Press. In our fifth post, we hear from Isalina Chow, graphic designer, poet + all-around creative. Chow talks to us about her fascination with geodesic domes, the work of Cecelia Vicuña, self-publishing as an art form, and makes us a

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