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Works & Submissions

What do you accept as submissions?

Check our Submissions page for details!

What is a chapbook?

“In a nutshell, chapbooks are teeny books. Merriam-Webster defines them as a small book containing ballads, poems, tales, or tracts. They are collections of poems, stories, or an experimental mix of both. Chapbooks usually hover in the range of 20–40 pages and are more affordable purchases to their novel counterparts. In a world where there’s a lot of talk of dwindling attention spans and having little time to read (sigh), chapbooks are a great way to soak up great writing—writing that may not quite fit anywhere else—and be able to finish in one sitting. But of course, there’s more to chapbooks than simply being short in length. Chapbooks are a way to make a point. They are an art form as much as a literary form, used for both revolution, protest, and exploration. Many presses take great care in the final presentation of this often-overlooked work.” - Bookriot

We use chapbooks as a way of making poetry more accessible, more digestible, and more affordable.

Essentially, chapbooks are like zines for poetry and bite-sized pieces of literature. They are closer to pamphlets or brochures than novels. They are cheaper to print, so we can sell them for less than a full-length book. They are shorter, too, so you can read 5+ chapbooks in the time it might take you to read 1 full-sized novel! Honestly it’s the best of all worlds. It is also a nod to DIY publishing

How many copies do you print of each book?

We usually do print runs of 200 books. 


Do you collab with other presses or publications?

Yes! We love to collab. Contact us with your ideas. We’re always down for review swaps, takeovers, features, and possibly whatever else you have in mind!

I have an idea for an anthology. Will you publish it?

Maybe! Send us your idea along with how it fits the vision of the press, what mediums you’ll accept, and where you will advertise the call for submissions. We’d love to hear your ideas and make them realities!! 

Will you distribute my book or zine?

If you’ve self-published a book or zine, send us a note via our contact page about how it is relevant to our mission, and if we are interested, we will distribute your book via in person and online book fairs, and maybe even through the store page on our website. We will take a small cut to offset labor costs.

Getting Involved

How can I support?

Visit our Support Us page!

I want to join the staff/become an intern/volunteer.

Check our openings on our Submittable page! 

Our Store

What is a preorder? Why wouldn’t I just wait til regular orders open?

When you preorder a book from us, the money from your sale goes directly to funding the print run of the book. You will have to wait longer to get the book, but preorders are crucial for us for judging interest in the publication and being able to afford to print enough copies to sell.  

Why do you have sliding scale pricing and what is it?

One of our goals with Perennial Press is to share great writing and art to as many people as possible. Unfortunately, money often acts as an object in the way of that goal. To combat that, we offer tiers of prices at a sliding scale. Buyers can choose how much they can afford to pay. If a buyer can afford a higher price, it helps offset the cost for people who can only pay the lowest price, and further supports our small press. We were inspired to do this model by the radical press Microcosm. As Microcosm states in their FAQ, “You determine what you can afford to pay for the items that we publish. As a result, we are able to pay royalties to our authors, offer lower prices to those who cannot afford as much as they'd like, and continue to serve our mission statement of making new materials available at the lowest prices possible.”

Money $$$

How do you fund Perennial Press?

Currently through preorders, merch sales, and book sales. We are setting up ways for constituents to donate to us and plan on hosting future events where we can charge a small fee. We are also working to get our Patreon up in the near future.

Where does my money go when I buy a book from Perennial? 

To the authors + to the book printing + to operational costs! 

Do you pay your authors?

Yes of course! 

How much money have you paid to artists?

As of November 2021, we have paid out around $3100 to independent artists, designers, and writers.

Is your staff paid?

Right now our staff is entirely volunteer. We occasionally pay designers or publicists for one-off projects. 


Who designed your logo? 

The amazing @fongkikid

Who designed your website? 

The incredible Ivy Ouyang!

Still got questions?

Send us a quick message and let's chat! We hope we can mitigate any confusion or uncertainty you might have.

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