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Currently accepting manuscripts only

Anthology and chapbook submissions closed. Stay tuned to this page and our Instagram (perennial_press) for the announcement for anthology calls. Chapbook submissions will reopen in 2021.

Read on for information on manuscript submissions..

Services we offer to support you

  • proofreading and editing
  • graphics, cover design, and layout design
  • social media marketing
  • outreach to podcasts, blogs,  and other media outlets
  • book distribution to independent bookstores
  • publicity through in-person events like book fairs and zine fests
  • fair & transparent payment models

What do we publish?

Great question! For manuscripts, We are currently focused on fiction, poetry, and a combination of those and visual art with an intersectional lens. All works must be inclusive and anti-racist, anti-sexist, non-discriminatory.   

We love all realms of speculative fiction: sci-fi, cli-fi, visionary fiction: if it’s good we’ll probably be into it. We also like poetry and fiction that tackle political and social topics with nuance. We like experimental stuff. Do you have a sci fi poetry collection? We’d love to read it. Do you have a collection of short fiction with illustrations? Cool. We’re open to it. We’ll at least take a look. 

We are also interested in any non-fiction with feminist leanings, social critiques, self call-outs, reflections, ruminations, you name it! 

We don’t care if you have a degree in writing, but we care that your writing is thoughtful and evokes feeling in the reader. We want to have an experience when we’re reading your manuscript.

art by : Amarisee

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Manuscript Submissions

Please send your manuscript submissions in PDF format to with the subject line  "manuscript submission"

Include the following as a single PDF: 

  • 10 page sample of the manuscript
  • 1 page description of the work, genre, and the approximate length
  • 1 paragraph on why your work would be a fit for perennial press

Note that:

  • We only publish inclusive works.
  • You must have a complete manuscript ready upon submission. If we like your preview, we will ask for the full manuscript. 
  • We will not accept multiple submissions from any one person, unless otherwise noted. Please send one manuscript at a time.
  • If any of your work has been previously published,  please indicate where and when in your submission.

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