Anthology Submissions - CLOSED! 

Perennial Press is publishing a new anthology in 2022 with the theme: "arthropods." Submissions closed August 7, 2021. 

Manuscript Submissions - CLOSED! 

We will announce when we're open for manuscript submissions through our Submittable page. If the fee is prohibitive, please reach out through our contact form.

Note that:

  • We only publish inclusive works.
  • You must have a complete manuscript ready upon submission. 
  • We will not accept multiple submissions from any one person, unless otherwise noted. Please send one manuscript at a time.
  • If any of your work has been previously published,  please indicate where and when in your submission.
  • We are 100% cool with simultaneous submissions, just let us know if your manuscript is picked up elsewhere! 

What do we publish?

Great question! We have three different types of submission opportunities. The first is for collaborative releases we are working on, such as anthologies, which will usually have a specific theme and strict deadline. The second is chapbook submissions, which are for collections of fiction or poetry by one author that are around 30 pages. And the third is manuscript submissions, which are for complete novels or collections (48 pages+). 

For manuscripts, We are currently focused on fictionpoetry, a combination of those, and visual art with an intersectional lens. All works must be inclusive, anti-racist, anti-sexist, and non-discriminatory.   

We love all realms of speculative fictionsci-fi, cli-fi, visionary fiction; if it’s good we’ll probably be into it. We also like poetry and fiction that tackle political and social topics with nuance. We like experimental stuff. Do you have a sci-fi poetry collection? We’d love to read it. Do you have a collection of short fiction with illustrations? Cool. We’re open to it. We’ll at least take a look. 

We are also interested in any non-fiction with feminist leanings, social critiques, self call-outs, reflections, ruminations, you name it! 

We don’t care if you have a degree in writing, but we care that your writing is thoughtful and evokes feeling in the reader. We want to have an experience when we’re reading your manuscript.

art by : Amarise Carreras

Promotion/Publicity We Offer

  • Soliciting reviews and author features / interviews from blogs, literary magazines, and podcasts
  • Soliciting endorsements from similar writers 
  • Interview and blog post on PP website 
  • Create graphics and run social media campaigns via Instagram and mailing list
  • Amplify reviews, accolades, and other news via social media (Even after the book is released! We love to promote all contributors, past & present.) 
  • Event coordination for book release 

As we are a collaborative press, we expect the author to contribute to publicity efforts in whichever ways they are interested. 

Expectations of Authors

  • Timely communication
  • Honesty about deadlines and manuscript completeness
  • Commitment to promoting the book on your end 
  • Attendance of all virtual book-planning meetings, and advance notice if you need to cancel 
  • Willingness to participate in author interviews, readings, and other book promotion opportunities 

Services we offer to support you

  • Proofreading and editing
  • Graphics, cover design, and layout design
  • Social media marketing
  • Outreach to podcasts, blogs,  and other media outlets
  • Book distribution to independent bookstores
  • Publicity through in-person events like book fairs and zine fests
  • Fair & transparent payment models

At no point will we ask for any money from the author for anything. The author may choose to spend their own money on additional publicity if they so desire. 

Chapbook Submissions - CLOSED!

for chapbooks, we ask authors to submit up to 48 pages of poetry, fiction, or non-fiction that is ready for publication. 

selected authors will have their own chapbook published. chapbook works should complement each other and form a cohesive collection. 

Art by Apu

Author Testimonials

"As a first time chapbook author, Perennial Press has been supportive and present through the whole process. They are professional and intentional in all of their communications. It is exciting to be published with a press that so clearly values their artists and writers both in word and action."

- Abby Bland, The Odds Against a Starry Cosmos

"I appreciate how approachable Perennial is. In addition to clear communication, there is a constant consideration of my wants and needs. To say I feel involved in every step of the process is an understatement. Not only is Perennial powerful in their dedication and craft, but the support and guidance they provide wholeheartedly is something I will carry with me always. Perennial Press does everything in their power to help you excel as a writer. They do not kill your darlings—they nourish and polish; they tend to their growth."

- Brandi Spering, This I Can Tell You

"Working with Perennial Press has been exceedingly rewarding and incredibly refreshing.  Perennial Press, strives to protect and celebrates diverse voices by constructing a secure safe space with an open invitation for all." 

- Marinna Benzon, Millennial Dogeater


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