submission process

manuscript submissions

please send your manuscript submissions in PDF format to with the subject line  "manuscript submission"

please include the following as a single PDF: 

* 10 page sample of the manuscript

* 1 page description of the work, genre, and the approximate length

* 1 paragraph on why your work would be a fit for perennial press

note that:

1. we only publish inclusive works.

2. you must have a complete manuscript ready upon submission. if we like your preview, we will ask for the full manuscript. 

3. we will not accept multiple submissions from any one person, unless otherwise noted. please send one manuscript at a time.

4. if any of your work has been previously published,  please indicate  where and when in your submission. 

chapbook submissions 

submissions were open for fiction and poetry chapbook publication until april 21, 2020. they are currently closed.

what services do we offer our authors and contributors? 

proofreading and editing, cover design, layout design, social media marketing, graphics, outreach to podcasts, blogs,  and  other media outlets, book distribution to independent bookstores, publicity through in-person events like book fairs and zine fests, and fair & transparent payment models. 

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