Perennial Chapbook Awards

We want to honor the amazing work that creatives have been publishing throughout the pandemic. In order to do that, we are hosting the first ever Perennial Chapbook Awards

The Perennial Chapbook Awards offer the opportunity to share your work with a larger audience and celebrate your creativity!

We will choose one winning chap, whose author will receive $250. We will also choose 2 runner-ups who will receive $100. We will promote all winners on social media, and host an event with the winners and Perennial authors. 

The longlist will be announced in summer 2022 and the winners in fall/winter 2022. 

We encourage chap creators of all backgrounds to submit! 


Who can enter?

Anyone who has published a zine or chapbook in 2020, 2021, or 2022. 

Can publishers submit?

Yes, chapbook publishers can submit work they have published during that period.

Can I submit more than once? 

Yes, you can submit once per title you published during the pandemic. Please fill out a separate form for each entry. 

Can I submit if I self-published my chapbook?

Yes! We love self-published work. 

What counts as a chapbook?

It must be under 75 pages, and either self-published or published by an indie publisher – it’s all about the DIY spirit <3

I published a zine during the pandemic, does that count?

As long as it is under 75 pages, it counts! 

What if I only have a physical copy? 

Since we have a team of readers, we need digital copies, so you can scan or photograph your zine/chap and combine the files into a PDF and submit that! It’s okay if it’s not 100% perfect as long as we can read it.

I have another question.

Please email any other questions! 

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