1. Author Spotlight: Marinna Benzon

    07 Sep 2020
    Our Spotlight series introduces you to the people behind Perennial Press. In our first post, we hear from Marinna Benzon, author of chapbook Millennial Dogeater, a ‘curated snapshot of invisible Brown Girls.’ Benzon talks to us about her favorite podcasts, her various art practices, and makes us a playlist!

  2. Review: Nothing on the Internet Ever Dies by Lyn Patterson

    29 Aug 2020
    In Nothing On The Internet Ever Dies, Patterson recontextualizes poetry for our increasingly digital world, expanding the genre beyond words to encompass ephemera.  The first page of the zine starts with a strong declaration: “We put our heart and foot / (into this shit) / poets are not meant…

  3. Review: Recalculating by Chelsea Arnold

    03 Jul 2020
    Chelsea Arnold’s Recalculating is a plow, determined to create an exit in a cul-de-sac of white privilege and racism. This collection does more than just kick around dirt. It hones in on these topics by discussing the deep-rooted hypocrisy that is embedded in the United States, through sectors such as…

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