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Here is a collection of all the books, anthologies, and chapbooks we've either completed or are forthcoming.

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Completed Works

super / natural

super / natural is Perennial Press' first publication. It is an anthology that contains 'visions' from twenty-three creatives from across the world. 

In this anthology, we want to present modern works of what we consider to be visionary fiction and introduce poetry and art to the genre. Most of all, we want to challenge structural inequalities through our craft, and advance the genre of feminist sci-fi.

Praise for super / natural

“There is language here, simple and gorgeous, that can unlock chambers too long closed and ideas so fresh they blossom not knowing they’ve been plucked. Herein find powerful stories and artistic visions of where we’ve been, where we find ourselves and where we might yet go. Read this to reconnect and to better recognize the extra in the ordinary.”
 --Tenea D. Johnson, Parallax Award Winner

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Excerpts from the book

“He remembered when he was a few years younger, and life was a lot harder; he envied their peace. Coveted it. Now he felt pity. If only they could know how serene the world was when there was no one to impose one’s will on.” 

- The Father and the Son by Tiffany Niles

”Chicago was a desert, and cold. The sky carved sand dunes into the watershed where Lake Michigan used to be. The wind like a scalpel. The lake dissected by the sky.” 

- How to Build a Home at the End of the World by Keely Shinners

Works Forthcoming

Pre-orders for all chapbooks and This I Can Tell You coming fall 2020.

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The Odds Against a Starry Cosmos 

Chapbook by Abby Bland

The Odds Against a Starry Cosmos explores the intimacy of human relationship and growth against the backdrop of the natural world, moving through moments of grace, brokenness and wonder.

This I Can Tell You

Full book by Brandi Spering

This I Can Tell You walks in through the front door and looks under the sofa. It measures the length of the wall, taps to find the beams. It removes the hammer and the nails from the toolbox, places them in a line to find the difference. This is a poetic narrative that examines structures within a home. It navigates Spering’s muffled timeline due to the fragility of memory as a result of trauma and the secrecy maintained within a family, like a well-groomed dog.

Millennial Dogeater

Chapbook by Marinna Benzon

Millennial Dogeater is a collection of poems that voices honest and subversive narratives of a Queer First Generation woman carefully navigating her position in America.  From re-learning self-empowerment, unlearning cultural assimilation to loving the varied facets of the queer identity; Millennial Dogeater is a curated snapshot of invisible Brown Girls.

How to Stop the Burning

Chapbook by Zubaida Bello

In How to Stop the Burning, Zubaida Bello's poetry focuses on themes of womanhood and inheritance, offering the audience an intimate portrait of herself through her words. 

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