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poetry chapbooks!

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Perennial Press is stoked to announce our 2020 chapbook series! 

How to Stop the Burning by Zubaida Bello

In How to Stop the Burning, Zubaida Bello's poetry focuses on themes of womanhood and inheritance, offering the audience an intimate portrait of herself through her words. 

Millennial Dogeater by Marinna Benzon

Millennial Dogeater is a collection of poems that voices honest and subversive narratives of a Queer First Generation woman carefully navigating her position in America.  From re-learning self-empowerment, unlearning cultural assimilation to loving the varied facets of the queer identity; Millennial Dogeater is a curated snapshot of invisible Brown Girls.

The Odds Against a Starry Cosmos by Abby Bland

The Odds Against a Starry Cosmos explores the intimacy of human relationship and growth against the backdrop of the natural world, moving through moments of grace, brokenness, and wonder.

Buy all three in a set, or each one individually!

Chapbooks are 32-48 pages of poetry each.  

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