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At Least It's Something

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At Least It's Something looks at how one experiences the world, how to find moments of quiet in a busy life and how to appreciate the landscapes around you. The writing is paired with polaroid transfers of urban and rural landscapes, inviting the reader to explore the narrative visually. Written in poetic prose, it embraces being present and mindful, posing the question, where do you want to be?

24 pages.

What people are saying: 

"In At Least It’s Something Mary Rusak recalls blissful moments of solitude in nature, gently leaning in to nostalgia and hints of melancholy. Rousing the senses of hearing, sight and touch, she oscillates between a present and past, here and there, distanced literally and figuratively; endeavouring to find “something" that can substitute for the sensation of being whole in time and space."

-- Kitty Blandy, Visual Artist 

"Rusak's book, At Least it's Something feels meditative and contemplative. The images have a sense of memory and the words are calming, as though taking in slow deep breaths. Each image takes you on its own journey, its own story, yet all treading on a similar path. It's as though I can feel the outdoors and taste the air when reading the passages."

-- Geoffrey Wallang, Photographer

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