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super / natural

super / natural is perennial press' first publication. it is an anthology that contains 'visions' from twenty-three creatives from across the world. 

we call the works in this collection ‘visions’ as a nod to a sub-genre of science fiction called visionary fiction, coined by Walidah Imarisha. ‘visionary fiction’ distinguishes itself from science fiction because these works have ‘relevance towards building new, freer worlds from the mainstream strain of science fiction, which most often reinforces dominant narratives of power. Visionary fiction encompasses all of the fantastic, with the arc always bending towards justice.’ 

in this anthology, we want to present modern works of what we consider to be visionary fiction and introduce poetry and art to the genre. most of all, we want to challenge structural inequalities through our craft, and advance the genre of feminist sci-fi.

we hope through experiencing super / natural, you will be empowered to create and pursue visions of your own.

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