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super /  natural is a literary call to action. finding where we're headed and what our  future(s) will look like when we get there. through art, poetry, and prose, twenty-three visionaries tackle the idea that to be the future we must first see the future. 

the works are united through their themes of the supernatural, as in the mystical and fantastical, and/or the SUPER natural, going back to our true roots and the heart of our existence. above all, super / natural is a critical look at our relationship with the earth and with each other.

featuring short stories from Alex Benke, Madi Giovina, Donna J.W. Munro, Tiffany Niles, Aline-Mwezi Niyonsenga, Nisi Shawl, Keely Shinners and Fanni Somogyi, art from Apu, Amarise Carreras, Adrianna “Kaya” Clark, Joey Dean, Anthony Grimaldi, Antony Ohman, Caitlin Peck, and Theresa M. Pisani, and poetry from Doriana Gabrielle Diaz, Sage Katherine Enderton, Vincent Seadler, Gnaomi Siemens, Brandi Spering, and Anna Tregurtha.

**pre-orders will be shipped the week of december 14th**

150 pages, color and b&w

cover art by justin carder of wolfman books in oakland
chapter illustrations by tiny pink 

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