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Chapbook Release Reading! 

Join us on November 21st to celebrate the release of our 2020 chapbook series! 

Abby Bland, Marinna Benzon, and Zubaida Bello will be reading from their respective chapbooks.

Online. Free to attend.  5pm PST / 8pm EST

 Register here

More Programs & Events Forthcoming!

Some events we are envisioning: live readings, author interviews, author Q&As, open mics, and more!

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Past Events

January 10, 2020

super / natural Release Party 

at Wolfman Books in Oakland, CA 

Ft. readings by Julian Mithra, Annah Sidigu, Tara Marsden, and Madi Giovina

Pictured: Madi Giovina

December 19, 2019

super / natural Release Party

at the Spiral Bookcase in Philadelphia, PA 

Ft. readings by Brandi Spering, Gnaomi Siemens, Matthew Shelton, Johnny Cheesman, Sarah Appel, and John Gerace

Pictured: Gnaomi Siemens

December 7th, 2019

Envisioning Alternate Futures Workshop 

with Madi Giovina at East Bay Alternative Book & Zine Fest in Oakland, CA

Pictured: Madi & Lyn Patterson after Madi's talk

What would you like to see?

Have an event idea you'd really wanna see us make happen? Tell us about it! 

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