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Arthropoda Anthology

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Arthropoda is an anthology collecting the fantastic work of twenty speculative fiction authors inspired by the exoskeleton-equipped creatures which plague our nightmares, and pique our curiosity. With tales of adventure, love, revenge, horror, and fascination, Arthropoda is sure to have you clenching your mandibles and clicking your claws.

Edited by JW Stebner 🐜 

Featuring work by Addison Smith, Anna Madden, Christine Bennett, Elou Carroll, Emma Kathryn, Eren Harris, Glenn Dungan, Holly Schofield, Jennifer Hudak, Joshua Green, Kajetan Kwiatkowski, K.S. Walker, MM Schreier, Nadira, Pauline Jérémie, Stephanie Ellis, Suzanne Langlois, Taylor Rae, TS S. Fulk, and Wendy Nikel 🐛 🕷 

Cover design by Stephanie Lane Gage of Martian Press

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