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A chapbook by Marinna Benzon

Millennial Dogeater is a collection of poems that voices honest and subversive narratives of a Queer First Generation woman carefully navigating her position in America.  From re-learning self-empowerment, unlearning cultural assimilation to loving the varied facets of the queer identity; Millennial Dogeater is a curated snapshot of invisible Brown Girls.

About the author

Marinna Benzon, a poet, actor and filmmaker, proudly hails from the Bay Area where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Electronic Communication Arts, with emphasis in screenwriting and video production, and a minor in Theatre performance from San Francisco State University. She became the 2013’s recipient of the Pinay in the Arts Scholarship, which enabled her to pursue performance arts and creative writing. Now published in several literary magazines such as Zanna, Firefly Literary and Goat’s Milk Literary; Marinna strives to produce honest and eclectic work that speaks to her personal narrative as a First Generation Queer Woman, living in America.

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