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perennial press archives truths through fiction and poetry. we are committed to highlighting and uplifting voices & perspectives that have traditionally been underrepresented in literature. 

super / natural is our first publication.

more to come. 

we are always looking for new authors to partner with and publish. we'd love to see your work. review our submission process before contacting us.

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do you want to get involved with a micro press? contact us with a brief description of what you're interested in working on. we like unique projects we haven't heard of before, and help with all the standard stuff, too.

all positions are currently volunteer 

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about the editors

Madi Giovina

Madi writes short stories with a focus on the fantastical and a nod to more just futures. Her academic background is in Computer Science, but a quarter-life crisis and a desire to amplify emerging voices led her to independent publishing. She has work in Bewildering Stories, Down in the Dirt, Best Vegan Science Fiction & Fantasy 2019Urban Galaxy's Night Relics anthologysuper / natural, and several zines. A collection of her short fiction is forthcoming on Martian Press. 

Tiffany has recently obtained her AA in Creative Writing from Long Beach City College. She will be continuing her studies at the University of British Columbia for her BFA in 2020/2021. Tiffany has grown to love all aspects of the writing/publishing community and hopes to help other marginalized writers find their voices and tell their stories. Her story “Secret Admirer” was published in the Charmed Writers Flash Fiction Anthology in 2018; “Father and Son” was published through Perennial Press’ Super/Natural anthology (2019), and her first CNF piece "All My Safe Spaces Are Dead" will be out in July 2020 with The Nasiona

Instagram: @TifWrites 

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